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Only $184!

Peace of Mind Plan

Our Peace of Mind Plan provides you the regular HVAC system maintenance and guaranteed satisfaction. Its a twice-annual planned inspection, where we come out and maintain your system to make sure everything is running properly. In addition to the inspection, you also receive several membership benefits to make your home improvements through IAQ Medics even easier!

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Features of Regular HVAC Inspection

Our comprehensive inspection and cleaning includes:

  • ​​Clean Condenser Coil
  • ​​Oil Motors
  • ​​Check Refrigerant Levels
  • ​​Clean Drain Line
  • ​​Check Compressor and Fan Motor Amp Ratings
  • ​​Confirm Refrigerant Charge
  • ​​Inspect Contactor Points
  • ​​Check Capacitors Values
  • ​​Inspect Seals of Caps and Valves
  • ​​Confirm Proper Thermostat Operation
  • ​​Check Blower Amps
  • ​​Complete Heating System Safety Inspection
  • ​​Inspect Evaporator Coil
  • ​​Inspect Blower Wheel
  • ​​Check All Electrical Connections & Wires
  • ​​Confirm Temperature splits
  • ​​Brush Out Electrical Cabinet
  • ​​Overall Performance Analysis

This home comfort performance plan is designed to meet or exceed all manufacturer and extended warranty requirements for system maintenance and surpasses the Federal Government Energy Star recommendations.

Benefits of the Peace of Mind Plan

The Peace of Mind Plan also includes:

  • ​​2 Seasonal Maintenance Visits
  • ​​NO Diagnostic Fees in the Event of Breakdown ($65 emergency after hours fee)
  • ​​NO Overtime Labor Rates on All Emergency Repairs
  • ​​Up To 25% off all repairs
  • ​​Priority Same Day Service

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