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Duct Cleaning Services

Your HVAC system distributes hot or cool air throughout your home via the duct system. Thats why properly maintaining your ducting systems are so important, and regularly scheduling duct cleaning with IAQ Medics is critical to your HVAC and indoor air quality health.

How can you tell if your home needs duct cleaning? The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) recommend that you invest in duct cleaning service when you notice any of the following:

  • ​​Allergies Out Of Season
  • ​​Visible Dust, Dirt, or Other Contaminants in Ventilation
  • ​​Uncomfortable Temperatures Indoors
  • ​​Odors While HVAC System is On
  • ​​You Suspect Theres Mold/Mildew in Your Ducts
  • ​​Possible Vermin Infestation

Your indoor air quality and efficiency can be improved with this simple process.

The Benefits of Duct Cleaning 

At IAQ Medics, we use a state of the art equipment to eliminate contaminants from your ducts and improve the air quality, heating, and cooling of your home. Our most common method is using a negative pressure system to clear out contaminants like pet dander, dirt, VOCs (volatile organic chemicals), and mold – all without making a mess! The benefits of duct cleaning are:

  • ​​Better, More Efficient Heating and Cooling
  • ​​Better Indoor Air Quality Year Round
  • ​​Reduced Allergies and Monthly Energy Bills

Experts estimate that a six-room home can collect as much as 40 pounds of dirt, dust, mold, and other particulates every year. When was the last time you had your ducts cleaned? Dont wait for next season to start preparing your duct work, and dont continue living in a home full of these unhealthy contaminants.  Call the experts at IAQ Medics for fast and effective duct cleaning today!

For all of your duct cleaning needs, call IAQ Medics to have the job done right — and right away!

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