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Heat Pump Services

If your energy bill gives you the shivers each month, then maybe its time to consider heat pump services from IAQ Medics. If you dont know exactly what heat pumps are or how they work, then read on, because were happy to inform you about this environmentally responsible, cost-effective way of heating and cooling your home.

Heat Pumps 101

The heat pump is an ingenious invention. Simply put, how a heat pump works is as follows: depending on the type of pump, it draws heat from the ground or the air, compresses the heat and then forces it into the home. This process can be reversed to create cold air during the summer.

The genius part is this: heat pumps dont generate heat at all, so theres no combustion aspect to them. That means they consume less energy and are safer to operate than regular furnaces and central air systems.

Heat pumps also last much longer than regular heating devices, especially ground heat pumps, plus, in general, they have less wear and tear due to less exposure.

Features of Heat Pump Services from IAQ Medics

When you want to make the switch to a heat pump, then youre best advised to use our heat pump services. Were highly experienced in installing and maintaining heat pumps in Virginia, and we have a proven track record of satisfied clients. Features of our heat pump services include:

  • ​​Assessment of the best type of heat pump for your situation.
  • ​​Removal and disposal of your old heating and cooling system.
  • ​​Quick and efficient installation of your new heat pump.
  • ​​Instructions for safe and energy efficient operation.
  • And of course, if you have any questions, were always here to answer them!
  • Benefits of Heat Pump Services from IAQ Medics

There are many benefits to our heat pump services. First and foremost, its important to us that our customers know they can always count on us for anything to do with their heating and cooling issues. Other benefits include:

  • ​​Prompt delivery and service
  • ​​Expert assessment and advice
  • ​​Fully-trained and licensed technicians
  • ​​Personable, background-checked technicians
  • ​​Fully stocked trucks to prevent delays
  • ​​Emergency service available
  • ​​Maintenance plans available
  • Heat Pumps for Commercial Use

If youre a business owner in the Northern Virginia area, then having a heat pump installed can definitely benefit your bottom line. For most businesses, energy costs make up a considerable percentage of their expenses each year. Heat pumps can function up to three times more efficiently than boilers of furnaces, so you can imagine how much cost-savings you can generate simply by changing your heating system.

Its important to know ahead of time exactly whats involved in installing a heat pump. The team here at IAQ Medics can inform you about the procedure and give you an accurate estimate of the costs involved. And of course, well work with you to determine the best time to install your new heating and cooling system so it causes minimal disruption to your business.

To find out more about heat pump services for residential or commercial use, call IAQ Medics today!

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