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Furnace Repair

Northern Virginia has seen its fair share of blizzards in its history. The blizzard of 1996, for example, saw record-setting snowfall that covered the state in a blanket of powder, and theres no telling what is to come in the winters ahead. When the weather is turning Virginia into a replica of the North Pole, you need to make sure your furnace is ready for the long season ahead. But, of course, problems can arise that can lead to you being stuck without heating at the worst possible time!

When youre in doubt about your furnaces chances of surviving the winter, call IAQ Medics for furnace repair in Northern Virginia. Our team of technicians are here to provide you with a wide range of repair services that makes sure your furnace is good and ready to go for the season. We even provide emergency repair service for those last-minute system breakdowns so youre not stuck during the next big winter snowstorm without heating!

The Features of Our Furnace Repair

Call up IAQ Medics today for furnace repair and you can expect the following from our service:

  • ​​A wide range of furnace repair to meet all of your needs
  • ​​Friendly, highly-trained professionals who are always motivated
  • ​​Upfront pricing options that will allow you to comfortably pay for service
  • ​​Quick repair so you can return to enjoying your heating in no time
  • ​​24/7 emergency service available day or night, winter or summer

Above all else you can expect nothing but the best service at all times. Well provide heating service through rain, snow, or sleet!

Common Furnace Problems

The furnace repair team at IAQ Medics has seen it all and done it all in their years of service so if you think your furnace problems are totally uncommon, you may want to think twice. Of course, some furnace problems are more common than others. Take a look to see if any these problems sound familiar to you:

​​Malfunctioning Thermostat: Your thermostat is responsible for giving you heating at the temperature that best meets your individual specifications, but problems often arise. Thermostat failure is often due to faulty wiring, poor home placement, or loose electrical connections.

​​Strange Noises: Your furnace shouldnt be uttering a single sound when its working at its best, but you may hear strange banging noises eventually. Banging noises are often indicative of excess dirt in the furnace which can interrupt the blower, causing a mini explosion.

​​Physical Damage: A furnace today can last you between 10 and 15 years. While it can still work past 15 years, it can prove to be more susceptible to physical wear and tear. Dents, cracks, and scratch marks all can make your furnace look worse for wear. If the damage begins to impact its performance, its time to call a professional for help.

If youre experiencing any of these problems, call us up now and well get them fixed in no time!

The Benefits of Furnace Repair

A repaired furnace in your home wont just improve heating; its improving the quality of life in your home in general. When you enlist the help of IAQ Medics, you can expect to see the following benefits from our service:

​​Extended Furnace Lifespan: As mentioned previously, the average furnace lasts around 10 to 15 years, but our repair service can help it last even longer. That means high-quality heating for this winter and the next and the next!

​​Reduced Costs on Future Repair: With IAQ Medics, our repairs are durable. We can make sure youre not having to constantly call for repair in the future. This will save you from additional layer of financial stress, especially when it comes to trying to find money to pay for bills.

​​Improved Heating Performance: During the midst of winter, there is no better a feeling than walking into a well-heated home and thanks to repair from IAQ Medics, you can experience that sensation all season long! You can rest in your home comfortably, even when an intense snow storm blows outside.

Contact IAQ Medics today if you need furnace repair that will make sure your heating system is ready to go for Northern Virginias toughest weather!

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