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Boiler Services

Typical boilers use either hot water or steam to heat your home radiantly via pipe systems in your home. If you heat your home with a boiler, youll need dependable boiler services specialists on call in case of a heating system emergency! The IAQ Medics team are the perfect boiler experts for the job.

Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, but the main difference between boilers and furnaces is the type of heating they offer: furnaces heat with convective” heat, while boilers generate radiant” heat. Convective heat starts at a source, heats the air, and distributes it through the home. Radiant heat travels across solid surfaces, namely your floors, walls, and radiators. In many ways, radiant heat is superior to convective since it can warm a room without losing hot air through leaks in the insulation.

How do you take care of your boiler so that it gives you the heating advantages your system is capable of? The experts at IAQ Medics offer all of the following boiler services to help you get the most out of your homes heating system:

​​Sales– We have all of the best brands on the market available, and our experts can help you find the one thats right for you.

​​Installation– The pros at IAQ Medics will install your boiler correctly the first time around so you can rest assured that youre ready for when the temperatures drop.

​​Maintenance– Ask about our maintenance plans for regular boiler maintenance service or schedule a tune up from the boiler diagnostics experts today.

​​Repair– Have you noticed your heating bills going up, your boiler making loud noises, or the performance of your heat declining? You may need professional boiler repair.

​​Replacement– Dont live with insufficient and unsafe heating performance. If your boiler is past its warranty or on its last legs, call for boiler replacement today!

You need a boiler with a high efficiency capacity that will be a good fit for your home, and IAQ Medics can get you there. If you need boiler service, we can find the model or solution thats right for you. Call IAQ Medics for comprehensive boiler service today!

Benefits of IAQ Medics Boiler Services

Our boiler experts are always ready to help you when you need boiler service or installation. When you work with IAQ Medics to keep your heating system in shape all winter long, you can always expect:

  • ​​Licensed, Background Checked, and Respectful Technicians
  • ​​On-Time Arrivals and Fully Stocked Trucks — No Trips to the Warehouse!
  • ​​Fast, Efficient, State-of-the-Art Heating Service Every Time

Dont get left in the cold — rely on IAQ Medics to keep your heating equipment safe and to keep you safe and warm! Call for any of the above boiler services today!

For all of your heating services needs, call IAQ Medics to have the job done right — and right away!

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