Should You Perform Your Own HVAC Work in Lorton, VA?

Good DIY projects can be fulfilling to partake in during the summer in Lorton, VA. However, attempting to repair or maintain your heating and cooling system on your own is a bad idea. Here are some problems associated with DIY HVAC repair.

Making Expensive Mistakes

HVAC systems consist of a complex network of components that require knowledge before working on them. Watching DIY tutorials and reading articles online will not qualify you to be an HVAC technician. DIY actions leave your HVAC liable to possibly costly future mistakes.

Hire our company’s professionals, who have acquired certified training in the handling of your HVAC. Ultimately, this saves you from the potential of more damage and decreased efficiency of your heating and cooling system.

Risk of Voiding Your Warranty

Like all kinds of machinery, HVAC systems are susceptible to factory defects. That’s why the manufacturers often place a warranty offered with every purchase.

For you to maintain the warranty, your system should only receive maintenance and repair services from a licensed HVAC professional. Therefore, performing repairs yourself when your HVAC malfunctions will likely revoke your claim for a warranty replacement, adding unreasonable costs.

Jeopardizing Safety and Endangering Your Loved Ones

Your AC is primarily an electrical system made up of components that can instigate accidents and potential fatalities. We suggest you hire HVAC experts well-versed in operating systems with high voltage and flammable gas conditions.

Imagine unknowingly making a mistake and testing your HVAC only for it to catch fire or release poisonous gases. Amateur repairs risk your safety and that of your loved ones when you operate the system.

Reduced Efficiency

Amateur repair and maintenance of your heating and cooling system could render it ineffective. Ineffective HVAC systems underperform and are overworked, in turn, using energy inefficiently.

An overworked system is more likely to experience wear and tear or loose/unbalanced components. Consequently, you will end up paying high utility bills due to inefficiency and higher repair or replacement charges.

DIY repairs are often damaging to the durability and efficiency of your HVAC system; avoid them at all costs. Contact and hire Indoor Air Quality Medics experts for all your HVAC repairs, installations and maintenance services.

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