Negative Effects of Poor Indoor Air Quality

With every breath you take in your Woodbridge, VA home, you’re inhaling more than just pure air. You’re also breathing in anything else that happens to be suspended in the air. When you’re indoors, that could include any number of particulates, gases, and other assorted pollutants. That’s because indoor environments are typically filled with potential sources of air pollution, making indoor air quality a serious concern. In fact, exposure to poor indoor air quality can lead to a variety of serious consequences.

Short-Term Effects

The effects of air pollution depend on several factors. This includes the duration of exposure, the types of pollutants in the air and their concentration within the local environment. In some cases, poor air quality can begin causing effects almost immediately. Common short-term effects include dizziness, fatigue, confusion, headaches, nausea, and irritation of the eyes, nose and throat. Some people may also experience breathing difficulties, asthma symptoms, and allergic reactions.

Long-Term Risks

Brief exposure to contaminated indoor air usually causes mild symptoms that go away after leaving the affected space. With repeated, long-term exposure, the risks may increase significantly. Prolonged exposure can potentially lead to mood changes, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, neurological disorders, cancer, and other health conditions. Airborne pollution is also a hazard to pregnant women and young children, increasing the risk of birth defects and developmental problems.

HVAC System Issues

The main concern with poor indoor air quality is the health risks, but air pollution can also affect your HVAC system. Particulate matter is especially problematic, clogging up filters, accumulating inside air ducts, and clinging to coils and other system components. This often impacts airflow and heat transfer, eventually diminishing your system’s performance and threatening its reliability. Scheduled maintenance may help, but it won’t solve the underlying issue if your air quality remains poor.

There are simply too many risks to ignore poor indoor air quality in your Northern Virginia home. Proper mitigation begins with getting help from experienced, qualified professionals. For quality HVAC services, explore Indoor Air Quality Medics Heating & Air Conditioning’ indoor air quality solutions or call us today.

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