How to Maintain HVAC Efficiency During Cooler Weather in Lorton, VA

For many Lorton, VA, homeowners, heating is one of their largest bills every winter. While there’s nothing you can do about chilly weather moving in, you can take measures to lower your monthly heating bills. Read on and learn about four ways you can lower your heating bills this upcoming winter season.

Check Weatherstripping and Insulation

Places where air can escape your home should be patched up and sealed from the elements. By keeping the outside air out and the inside air in via weatherproofing and insulation, you reduce utility bills and wear on your HVAC system. Common places air escapes include attics, window and door frames, electrical outlets, and fireplaces.

Change Filters Regularly

A clogged HVAC filter causes your system to run less efficiently. Your furnace may run at all times of the day and night and eat up excess energy. By changing your air filter regularly, you can easily save money.

Keep up With Maintenance

Having yearly fall furnace maintenance lessens the need for repairs and keeps your furnace running efficiently as long as possible. In some cases, refusing to do so may void your warranty and lead to problems down the road. By hiring a reputable HVAC company to perform annual maintenance, you’re also helping to ensure no hidden problems are waiting to jack up your energy bill.

Keep an Eye on Temperature Settings

Keeping your thermostat set to around 68 degrees will ensure a good balance between home comfort levels and bills that aren’t too high. Installing a programmable thermostat can bolster savings even more.

We’re proud to be the leading provider in both HVAC services and indoor air quality services in the Lorton area and would love to serve you. Give us a call today at Indoor Air Quality Medics and ask us about our HVAC maintenance plans!

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