4 Heat Pump Noises You Shouldn’t Ignore in Lorton, VA

Heat pumps are often particularly noisy during the winter. The routine defrost cycle often creates a swooshing sound when the flow of refrigerant changes. While this sound is normal, several others may mean your heat pump in Lorton, VA, is in trouble.


A metal-on-metal thumping indicates the fan blades are getting caught on something. During the cold season, it’s easy for chunks of ice to get in the way. Immediately shut down the system and call for HVAC maintenance.

Off-kilter heat pump fan blades cause extensive damage to other nearby components. They may bump against and damage the motor or other vital wiring and parts.


Issues with the heat pump’s refrigerant line often manifest as a hissing sound. Leaks in the line will allow the highly pressurized gas to escape. This can lead to low refrigerant levels that impact the system’s efficiency.


Many heat pumps will normally make low rattling or vibrating sounds as they function. This noise may be cause for concern if it suddenly gets louder or occurs more frequently. Parts of the heat pump, like the air handler or metal cover, may have come loose.

There may also be issues with the refrigerant line or the ductwork. It can be difficult to determine the exact cause of your system’s odd noises without the proper training. That’s why you should always count on an experienced HVAC service technician for maintenance and repairs.


Gurgling or wet sounds indicate a problem with the system’s refrigerant levels. There may be a leak somewhere along the line. Address this issue as soon as possible to prevent refrigerant from impacting the health and safety of your yard.

Immediately investigate all the unusual noises coming from your heat pump. Contact Indoor Air Quality Medics Heating & Air Conditioning today for all your heat pump service needs in Lorton, VA.

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