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Tips for Lowering Heating Bills in Lorton, VA

Heating costs are among the major expenses you will incur as a homeowner in Lorton, VA. Accordingly, it would help to determine the things that impact these costs and the possible options to minimize them. Below are tips to keep these expenses in check, especially during the cold weather.

Use Ceiling Fans

You can use ceiling fans to improve the distribution of heated air in your home. Accordingly, your heat runs less often, meaning less energy consumption. It’s an excellent way to reduce your unit’s power usage as these fans use less power compared to your system.

Ensure that your fan rotates clockwise at the lowest speed, especially during the winter. It makes it easy to circulate the warm air.

Practice Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance allows your system to work more efficiently, meaning less energy consumption. During maintenance, the service technician cleans your system to remove any dirt or debris so that it works harder.

Moreover, they’ll check to see if any repairs are necessary or if any component requires replacement. Aside from lowering your utility bills, you’ll be able to prevent future problems, allowing you to avoid unwanted costs. Moreover, it’s one way you can increase your system’s life span.

Wear Warm Clothing

It is common sense that wearing multiple layers of clothes keeps you warm. Based on your tolerance to cold, you will not have to use your heating unit as much with layers of clothes on. Consider putting on long-sleeved shirts and sweaters made from cozy materials like denim and cotton.

When walking around the house, wear a pair of socks to prevent cold feet. Socks made from wool would be appropriate.

Use a fleece duvet to cover yourself, for instance, during leisure time when watching a movie. Adding more sheets to the bed would be ideal for keeping you warm at night.

Seal Air Leaks

Reducing the amount of air leakage in your house is a cost-effective way of cutting down heating expenses. In addition, it creates a comfortable and healthier indoor environment for your family. Leakage mostly occurs through cracks, door and window openings and electrical outlets.

The recommended strategy is to cover the openings. Call your HVAC service technician to do a thorough inspection of all sources of leaks and seal them. For windows, ensure that they are tightly closed.

Program Your Thermostat

Making adjustments to the thermostat’s setting significantly lowers energy costs. Reduce the temperatures on the device during bedtime and when going to work. If nobody is home during the day, keep them low and increase when you return.

Lowering and increasing the temperatures seems tedious, right? Professionals recommend using a programmable thermostat, one that automatically changes the temperatures based on your preferred settings.

Clean/Replace Air Filters

Over time, dust and debris accumulate on the filters, causing a blockage. Clogged/dirty filters cause your unit to work harder and for long hours, increasing electricity consumption.

Based on the type, filters are either reusable or for one-time use. Consider inspecting them every month and changing them at least every two months.

That way, you’ll not only reduce the utility expenses but also increase your unit’s efficiency and life span. It’s an effective maintenance practice.

Are you looking to lower your home heating expenses? Look no further as our reliable experts are conversant with modern high-efficiency heating technologies.

Our services are affordable as we understand your need to cut down on expenses. Contact Indoor Air Quality Medics Heating & Air Conditioning for all your heating maintenance and repair needs in and around Lorton, VA. We look forward to hearing from and helping you.

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