Steps to Extending Your Furnace Lifespan in Oakton, VA

Your Oakton, VA, home needs a furnace so it can remain warm and cozy during the cold seasons. The approximate lifespan of this type of heating system is 15-20 years, though it can be even longer with proper care. Here are five ways to help make your furnace last longer:

Schedule Fall Heating Maintenance

Signs indicating your heating system needs urgent repair include uneven heating, which may be a result of dirty and leaky ducts. A service technician can seal and clean the ducts properly. Unusually high energy bills can also signal a broken or malfunctioning furnace.

During a maintenance visit, professionals can clean the system and tighten any loose parts that may lead to a premature breakdown or unusual noises. These seasonal tuneups help ensure that your heating system functions smoothly and efficiently. Take this as an opportunity to ask any questions you have about how to make your particular furnace run more smoothly and how to avoid any potential future issues.

A significant part of the seasonal furnace tuneup is repairing broken components. During the inspection, the HVAC expert can identify various potential issues, like clogged condensate lines.

Repairing these problems immediately protects other parts of the furnace from potential damage. It also helps you prevent any minor issues from becoming major problems that can lead your heating system to an early death.

Regularly Replace Furnace Filters

If you fail to replace these filters for several months, the unwanted dust and other particles could cause a blockage. This issue can further restrict airflow in the furnace and cause it to work harder to maintain comfortable temperatures in your Oakton, VA, home. A straining system could overheat and prematurely break down. Changing the filters can help your furnace run smoothly and serve you for many years.

It’s essential to use the right filters for your furnace, as the wrong type may restrict the smooth flow of air through the heating system. Consult a professional HVAC service technician for information about the best furnace filters for residential systems.

Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient

A furnace always strains as it tries to heat a less-energy-efficient home. To reduce this load, consider making your home more energy-efficient by adding insulation in the walls and attic.

Having gaps professionally sealed can also help, especially on your doors and windows. These gaps let heat escape and allow cold air to enter, forcing the furnace to run more frequently to keep your home warm.

One of the best ways to avoid these issues is to replace any damaged weatherstripping. Installing double-pane windows and looking for damaged and missing caulking can also improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Install a Smart or Programmable Thermostat

The length of your furnace’s life depends on various factors like how hard it works and how often it operates. Generally, a furnace that runs frequently and strains to heat your home is likely to break down or malfunction unexpectedly.

You can reduce the workload on your heating system by investing in a smart or programmable thermostat. These add-ons will ensure that the furnace only runs when necessary or when someone controls the settings.

A smart thermostat lets you turn on the furnace remotely via your smartphone, allowing you to warm your house before you return from work, errands or vacation. Besides prolonging your furnace’s lifespan and giving you remote access, a smart or programmable thermostat also helps you save on heating costs.

The best thing you can do for your heating system is to implement a strategy to maintain it and extend its lifespan. Schedule an appointment with the professional service technicians at Indoor Air Quality Medics Heating & Air Conditioning for reliable maintenance and furnace repair services.

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