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6 HVAC Issues Commonly Experienced in Older Homes

Your older house in Woodbridge, VA, is a great investment, especially due to the charm and character its ancient architecture brings. However, you may have a new HVAC issue each winter, and it isn’t just the weather outside. Read on to learn about common HVAC issues that plague older homes.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

You may experience poor air quality in your old Woodbridge, VA, home because of the ancient materials used in the walls and ceiling. Asbestos was popular until science proved even tiny amounts could be dangerous to people’s health. Kerosene heaters are also common in older homes, most of which don’t have ventilation systems.

In addition, poor ventilation in tightly sealed older homes is an indoor air quality problem. Airborne toxins can seep through cracks in walls and floors, and the HVAC system may be unable to remove them effectively. These toxins can lead to adverse health effects, including respiratory problems and allergies. The best solution for indoor air quality problems in older homes is to upgrade your HVAC system.

Leaky Ductwork

HVAC ducts allow for the efficient transfer of cooled or heated air into your home. The sealing of the joints and the elbows of the ducts in older homes are usually in poor condition. This causes the air to escape into the walls and ceiling of your home.

Depending on the amount of air escaping, your HVAC system ends up overworking to maintain the air in your home at optimum levels. This causes your HVAC system to consume more energy during its operation. Calling an HVAC professional to replace the ducts with newer ones can greatly improve your comfort and reduce energy bills.

Poor Airflow

The ductwork in your older home may consist of materials that restrict airflow over time. This inhibits the HVAC system from efficiently circulating clean air throughout your home. A modern approach to your home’s ductwork design will make sure airflow is consistent and efficient.

Poor airflow in the ducts can also be due to a buildup of dust, allergens and bacteria. Regularly cleaning the interior of your ducts can help improve airflow in your home and prevent your duct system from clogging.

Outdated Thermostats

Older homes often have outdated thermostats. Old thermostats have basic features that don’t allow you to change the heating and cooling systems based on your schedule or the day of the week. You likely have to adjust it manually for when you’re home or away.

Outdated thermostats also cause frequent cycling, wear and tear to your unit and inefficient cooling and heating, depending on their placement in your home. You should upgrade to a modern thermostat that allows you to:

  • Schedule temperatures based on your needs and schedule.
  • Upgrade to energy-saving technology.
  • Adjust the temperature from your phone or tablet.

Lack of HVAC Zoning

Most old homes in Woodbridge, VA, have central HVAC systems. This means that the entire house gets heated and cooled at the same time, every time, regardless of which rooms you’re using.

This is inefficient because it may get either too hot or too cold in the rooms you aren’t using. A zoning system allows each room in your home to get heated or cooled independently of the others. A modern HVAC design with a ductless system will allow you to heat or cool each room in your home based on your needs.

Aging HVAC Unit

After several years, your HVAC unit eventually takes a beating from the elements and frequent usage. Older HVAC units are more likely to break down, requiring expensive repairs or replacements. The lifespan of an HVAC unit is generally 10 to 15 years.

This means you should ensure you have a replacement plan before your HVAC unit stops functioning properly. A new HVAC system will be Energy Star compliant, which means it’s energy efficient and prevents extra wear and tear on your unit.

Contact Indoor Air Quality Medics Heating & Air Conditioning today if you’re in need of quality HVAC installation or repair services. We offer fair prices and guarantee 100% satisfaction for all our HVAC services.

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