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AC Repair

The heat during the summer in Northern Virginia sizzles like burgers and dogs on a charcoal grill. Its enough to melt ice cream into puddles of soup, send swimmers cannonballing into the nearest swimming pool, and make lush, green grass shrivel into straw. While youre looking for the nearest shady oak or reaching for that bottle of sunscreen, your best bet to escape the sun rays is with a well-working AC. The summers here may be hot, but you can keep a cool head and relax once you enter a nicely air-conditioned home.

Unfortunately, the living during the summer isnt always that easy. Your AC can bust in the middle of a particularly intense heatwave, leaving you stuck without a reliable cooling system to combat the high outdoor temperatures. But dont go sticking your head in the freezer just yet, because IAQ Medics is here to provide the best AC repair in Northern Virginia. Our team of cooling experts are simply the most skilled and personable in the area. And on top of that, they can handle a wide range of repairs at speedy rate so youre back to keeping cool and collected.

The Features of Our AC Repair

If your AC is in need of fixing, take a look at the following services we can provide you:

  • ​​Quick repairs to cover a wide range of cooling needs
  • ​​Personable, friendly customer service
  • ​​Consultations with technicians so the work is done to your liking
  • ​​24/7 emergency repair
  • ​​Upfront pricing options so you get the best service for your buck

We can provide all of that and more as long as you give us a call! Our mission is to see no home in Northern Virginia go without cooling for the summer!

Common AC Repairs

Our technicians are the most experienced in the area. Theyve seen it all and done it all when it comes to AC repair, and theres a good chance your AC problems are no exception. Of course, there are quite few AC problems we run into quite often. Take a look and see if any of these problems sound familiar to you:

​​Frozen Coils: Frozen indoor coils are often a result of low refrigerant in the AC unit, or perhaps restrictions caused dirty air filters. If you notice the coils in your AC are frozen, dont just let it go and ruin your AC unit for the summer. Call up our professionals who can handle it with ease!

​​Faulty Wiring: Faulty wiring in an AC is one of the more common causes of problems impacting your AC, but its important to seek treatment immediately as this is a potential fire hazard. Yes, thats right: the thing can set your home on fire doesnt come from hot temperatures, but rather your cooling system! Our team of professionals can replace and rewire your AC to keep you cool and safe.

​​Leaks: Are you noticing puddles forming around your AC? Then it could be a sign of a clogged condenser line. Often times, when your AC is working correctly, the condenser line will help transfer water into cool air for your home but if it becomes blocked by dirt or debris, water will leak out and make a mess in and around your home.

Our team of electricians can handle these problems and more, and the best part? Were only one phone call away!

The Benefits of Our AC Repair

Receive service from IAQ Medics and youll be rewarded with the following benefits:

​​Extended AC Lifespan: One small repair from us can extend the lifespan of your AC by years! Youre guaranteed to spend less money on replacement and more time enjoying the cool air provided by a highly-efficient AC. Youll unlimited cooling for this summer, and the next, and the next!

​​Improved Indoor Air Quality: The summer air in Northern Virginia can rife with humidity and without proper air conditioning in your home, it can really slow you down and make it more difficult to catch a breath of fresh air. A repaired AC can boost indoor air quality back to healthier, breathable levels.

​​Improved Mood: A lack of working AC isnt the sort of thing that will put a smile on your face, especially when temperatures outside are scorching. However, IAQ Medics is here to turn your summertime blues around and provide repair that guarantees a blast of cool air.

Above all else, we guarantee your 100% satisfaction. Well fix your AC problems so your back to having summertime fun with the whole family in no time!

Contact IAQ Medics today for high-quality AC repair that will make your summer the way it should becool, relaxed, and hopefully filled with fun!

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