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Only $99 Maintenance Plus Plan.

AC Maintenance

Are you debating whether you should schedule regular AC maintenance? Well, then read on, because were going to tell you the absolute truth about taking good care of your air conditioner.

The Value of AC Maintenance

Remember when you were a kid and your mother wouldnt let you have a candy bar after lunch, but made you eat a piece of fruit instead? She might even have said something like, An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Of course, what she meant was, You need your vitamins so youll grow up healthy.” Well, no matter how much it bummed you out back then, your mother had a point. Fruit is full of vitamins, which boosts your immune system and helps fight disease.

So how is this relevant to AC maintenance?

We arent called IAQ Medics for nothing. Just like your mother knew what you needed to stay healthy, we know what your AC needs to remain in good working order. The prescription is, of course, regular maintenancepreferably twice a year— by a seasoned and reputable HVAC specialist.

You might be wondering, Cant I do this myself?

Sure, of course you can. But youd be wise to ask yourself if you can do as good a job as a professional. For example, do you know how to do a performance analysis? Or check the fan motor amp ratings? (And no, trying to follow instructions from a YouTube video on your tablet doesnt qualify as an affirmativeeven though we applaud your enthusiasm!)

In all seriousness, lets just examine the benefits of having a professional perform the maintenance for you:

  • ​​Your air conditioner gets the best care possible.
  • You dont have to spend hours trying to figure out how to maintain your AC yourself.
  • Worn or broken parts will be replaced before they become a problem.
  • A professional uses manufacturers parts, which are the best possible quality.
  • Your AC will be cleaned twice a year, which will keep it running more effectively.
  • More effective functioning results in lower energy costs.
  • Your AC will have a longer life because it will be constantly maintained.
  • If you plan to sell your home, a properly functioning AC will be an asset.

Clearly, you stand to gain a lot by making sure your AC is professionally maintainednot in the least the fact that youll have a properly functioning AC during the hot Virginia summer!

Our AC Maintenance Plan

Here at IAQ Medics, we totally understand that youre busy and you can easily forget to schedule bi-annual maintenance. Thats why we make it super easy for you: with our Maintenance Plus Plan, we make sure your AC is maintained by a licensed HVAC professional twice a year. The plan includes everything from cleaning the condenser coil and checking refrigerant levels to inspecting contractor points and making sure the thermostat works properly. Best of all, our Maintenance Plus Plan only costs $99 a year! So if you want to make sure your AC is always in great working order, call us today!

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