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June 6, 2017

Warning Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Maintenance

Like all major electrical systems, air conditioners benefit greatly from routine maintenance. While HVACs require the most maintenance, it is likely that you will have an issue with your air conditioner at some point whether it is a central air conditioning system, room air conditioner, swamp cooler, or ductless mini-split system. IAQ Medics is the leader for professional service for all your local AC Tune Up needs.  

How do you know when it’s time to schedule maintenance for your AC?

  While it ... Read More
March 31, 2017

American Standard Dealer Title Holders!

American Standard Award Winners

Indoor Air Quality Medics has come away from the American Standard Annual Meeting with award-laden arms! We are so proud to announce that our efforts to serve our community with quality service and a brand we trust has paid off.

IAQ Medics was designated the Winner in the following categories for American Standard in 2016:

Customer Care Dealer of the Year

1st Place in Variable Speed Sales

1st Place ... Read More

March 20, 2017

Angie’s List Super Service Award for 2016!

  Indoor Air Quality Medics is proud to celebrate being a recipient of the 2016 Angie's List Super Service Award! Year after year we strive to deliver exemplary customer service and are proud of the recognition of our continued commitment to our customers. With Angie's List experiencing unprecedented growth in membership, Indoor Air Quality Medics has continued to withstand the rigorous standards of service and experience required by Angie's List. We work every day to extend our love for our community and dedication ... Read More
February 15, 2017

Capital Remodel + Garden Show & IAQ Medics: Win Free Services! Washington Nationals Ticket Raffle! Select Coupon Deals!


Attend the Capital Remodel and Garden Show with Indoor Air Quality Medics!


Come See IAQ Medics in Booth 1321!


Mark your calendars for February 24-26, 2017 at the Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly, Virginia!

IAQ Medics will be in attendance as an exhibitor at this newly expanded Remodel and Garden show offering a multitude of prizes and activities that are sure to be fun for ... Read More

January 16, 2017

How Furnace Maintenance Improves Indoor Air Quality

IAQ Medics is proud to provide high quality furnace maintenance. You depend on your furnace to keep your home warm during the worst of the winter. What most homeowners don’t consider however, is how their furnace may be impacting their overall air quality. If your furnace isn’t properly maintained, it can be polluting the air in your home. Keep in mind the average person inhales about 15,000 quarts of air per day. That's a lot of polluted air that can ... Read More
December 30, 2016

5 Sounds Indicating You Need Furnace Repair

Furnace repair is exactly what you need this winter when you want to guarantee long-lasting warm air. You should be paying attention to your heating system for any warning signs, and one of them are odd sounds from the system itself. The average homeowner may not think all that much when their furnace begins making noises. However, shrugging them off may prove to be an unwise move. If you are hearing your furnace plays a rock concert from the comfort ... Read More
December 8, 2016

6 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Heating System

Your heating system won’t just magically work by itself once we enter the New Year. You need to be proactive with your heating system and ensure you have heat for the full 12 months of the year. After all, even if the New Year may be upon us, but the weather will still be just as cold, if not more so. There will be plenty of snowfall and record-low temperatures. You certainly cannot risk losing heat in your ... Read More

November 28, 2016

5 Common Furnace Service Myths

A furnace service should be atop your list of priorities right now if your current heating system is not working at its best. Believe it or not, we are already at the time of the year where temperatures begin to sink below freezing, meaning plenty of chilly days and nights are in the forecast. You need to make sure your heating needs are met before the freeze settles in. However, as urgent as heating may be right now, ... Read More

November 8, 2016

Easy, Money-Saving Heating Maintenance Tips

Heating maintenance may prove to be the one thing saving you from spending the entire season paying off high costs on heating bills. The thing about those bills is that they will sneak up on you, giving you an unpleasant surprise when it arrives in the mail. If your jaw dropped at the sight of your latest heating bills, it may be due to some less-than-efficient heating methods that will need to be righted. However, that initially may ... Read More

October 24, 2016

8 Signs You Hired the Right Heating Contractor

A heating contractor can rescue you from the possibility of spending this fall and winter stuck in the cold. However, you should not just throw your money at the nearest contractor you can find. That may leave you in more trouble than expected. The wrong heating contractor can make heating system installation a nightmare, by installing the system improperly and leaving you to deal with all of its associated issues. Their repairs may also be ineffective, making you ... Read More